Don't give up, friend!

Jun 21, 2024

Hey Dear Friend,

Please read this if you're feeling overwhelmed or discouraged about your business right now.

I know how tempting it can be to consider quitting and returning to a secure job with a monthly paycheck.

In my 15-year journey as an entrepreneur, I've wrestled with these same thoughts more than once.

My 'soulpreneur' clients have confided in me about wanting to give up countless times.

I understand the weight of these feelings, and I want you to know that you're not alone in this.

But here's something important to consider:

The problem isn’t what you might think it is.

It's not that running a business is too hard or that you lack the ability to create a consistent income.

It's not that marketing and sales are too difficult or tedious.

You're not too introverted, sensitive, or stupid … or any other self-criticism that haunts you.

Here's the truth: in 99% of cases, the real issue is that we've become disconnected from our TRUE SELVES.

We’ve innocently cut ourselves off from our innate curiosity, divine creativity, and deeper inner wisdom.

The paths that lead to this are many …

Following some expert’s Facebook reel strategy or another guru’s YouTube growth or Google ads roadmap, we get lost.

In a frantic effort to fill our programs or courses, we overwhelm ourselves by juggling too many tasks—writing landing pages, crafting complex email sequences, and making a sh#%= ton of videos.

Our minds are filled with endless to-do lists, and we scare ourselves by worrying if we'll ever make enough to sustain ourselves or retire comfortably.

(We don’t want to end up as the impoverished pensioner who can't afford a glass of wine at her local pub. In a distinguished German newspaper, I once read a sad story about a woman with this exact problem. So it must be a real concern, right?!)

It's no wonder many of us occasionally feel like throwing in the towel or taking a very long break.

Consider this perspective: what if the only real problem is that our minds are simply too full?

What if all we need in these moments is to step back from the mental busyness and strange urge to stay on a stressful path?

As paradox as it sounds, JUST PAUSE FOR A MOMENT, …

… take a good look and recognize that in most cases (99%!!) where we feel like giving up, it's because our mind is in a mess.

I don’t want you to quit!

Not because the world needs you. It may or may not. I have no idea if ‘purpose’ exists or if it’s something we’ve made up.

But because something inside you wants to keep going … despite the chaos your brain creates.

I want you to slow down, quiet your mind, and reconnect with your inner guidance.

Claudia did it (listen in here), and I believe you can, too.

Here’s the cool thing …

If your ‘problem’ is just an illusion of the mind, you can naturally and easily rekindle your passion for your business in a calmer state of mind.

You deserve to enjoy this journey!

I believe in you. You've got this, my friend.

So much love,




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